Blue Beacon Wash Prices

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Effective February 1, 2017

Tractor Only  Standard
    Conventional $43.00
    Tractor when washed with any trailer or washout$36.00
    Tractor/Box Trailer$68.00
    Tractor/Flat Trailer$59.50
    Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Smooth Sides$69.50
    Tractor/Small Tanker w/ Ribs$72.50
    Tractor/Large Tanker$75.00
Trailer Only
    Box Trailer Only $32.00
    Flat Trailer Only $23.50
    Small Tanker Only  w/ Smooth Sides$33.50
    Small Tanker Only w/ Ribs$36.50
    Large Tanker Only $39.00
     Standard Washout (up to 11 minutes)
         Additional charges apply for extra minutes, debris, pallets, etc.

While Blue Beacon offers a high quality washout, we do not guarantee sanitization or
complete removal of residue from previous loads.

Engine Wash 
     Conventional Engine Wash $9.00 
Aluminum Brightening 
    WheelsNo Charge
    TanksNo Charge
    Box Trailer$6.50$12.50  
    Flat Trailer$4.50$8.50
Pricing does not include any extras and/or sales tax. 
Prices are higher at some locations. (See location flyer for list)